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May 6, 2012 10:00am EDT
, also disposition. >> so, it was great -- greatly different than the united states. >> i think it made segregation almost look like a civil affairs -- whereas in south africa it was an art, science, and something white students could study at universities. >> before we go to the break, you mentioned nelson mandela. you mentioned that the african national congress. how did you all come together, the two of you? >> i went to high school at the school bus was known much more for its left-leaning and trotsky ideology. so, my conversion to the african national congress came a lot more because i enjoyed the inclusive become of the focus on activism. i enjoyed the way in which it joyfully understood how it could take the struggle against apartheid, that while there was life and death of risks involved, we were still able to celebrate our humanity and not to give it up at all. so, in 1980, my great conversion to what we call congress politics, the politics of the african national congress, happened, but i remain ever thankful for the theoretical rigor i learned from the kind of trotsky movemen
May 13, 2012 10:00am EDT
in his speech in prague. the very first summit was held in the united states in 2010. two years later we gathered even more leaders together to focus on the seriousness of the risk of nuclear terrorism, the vulnerability of nuclear material around the world, the international cooperation it will take to secure that material, and prevent it ever coming into the hands of terrorists. >> so it is material as well as existing weaponry? >> and that is right. covers both sets of concerns. >> then you take it one level further. and know-how is involved. >> that is exactly right. >> in the united states, often we are more concerned nowadays -- is the correct phrase a suitcase bomb or something like that? >> improvised nuclear device. >> tell me the phrase again? >> improvised nuclear device. >> what does that mean, in my language? >> it's a pretty crude weapon, but it has probably a lot more material than our own warheads that we have built to go on the front end of missiles and travel reliably 3,000 miles. an improvised nuclear device would be bigger than a suitcase. the smaller you are, the mor
May 20, 2012 10:00am EDT
in a more aggressive way. >> finally, the fda agreement between colombia and the united states has been signed and ratified. what does that mean for both countries? >> it means a lot of jobs, first of all. yes, jobs. in the case of a colombia, at least 250,000 jobs, new jobs, associated with the development of the free trade agreement. in the u.s., colombian trade and market, we create a lot of new jobs and opportunities for americans. >> you kind of made reference to this earlier in the conversation, that may be in the past there was a stereotype towards colombia which was the drugs and violence and human rights. but now it is education, technology, energy, culture. a vast change in 10 or 12 years. >> we have to recognize the leaders of that change. the president and his team -- part of the team, and as minister of defense -- i was the minister of defense. in those eight years of the two governments, his stamina, leadership, a commitment to evolve from a country that was almost at the brink of failure -- >> yes, yes, yes. >> to a vibrant and peaceful nation is one of the key factors to
May 27, 2012 10:00am EDT
? >> in a sense it is simple. by the west, we mean that part of -- >> not just the united states? >> no, not just the united states. we in europe. the east means far east -- that is to say asia, southwest asia, to the extent that one includes in the east india, pakistan, bangladesh. >> that is a big area with an awful lot of people. >> it is a lot of people. it is not such a huge area. it is roughly comparable with the west. the community is pretty large, too. how do you draw the divide? who is in it, out of it, and who is in between? >> you suggest a strategic vision in your book, a bit of education for me, and it is always interesting to see your take on the world, that the west down the road should really include russia and turkey. >> absolutely. they are in different ways increasingly partaking of the democratic tradition, and certainly the turks want to be part of europe and are practicing increasingly, and pervasively so, democracy, and have been engaged in the last 100 years in trying to emulate the european model of the modern state and have been invited some 50 years ago by the europeans
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)